Why the small ecommerce business is no longer disadvantaged on the web.

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It used to be that the household names had the market cornered for both physical goods and increasingly in the online world. When Tesco and the other supermarkets embraced the web as a means to catalogue their wares they finally caught up with what the internet’s users have known for years… that well presentment products at good prices sell.

For a few years the internet giants pushed the technology forward as they invested in their ecommerce sites while the small start-up made do with off the shelf catalogue products that looked awkward, failed to showcase their products in a good light and had half thought out order administrations that were full of technical jargon that made them inaccessible to the entrepreneur.

At Comgem we are changing all that. Our brand new ecommerce platform for 2014 is robust, fully featured and gives the small business owner many of the high level features only large corporations get in their administrations systems.

Of course you may worry that we’ve fallen into the same trap as other ecommerce platform providers.

“if your ecommerce software does so much I’ll have to wade through all the stuff I don’t want and never use to do the simple things.”

Our in-house developed and maintained system is configured to you, your site and your needs. We strip out the irrelevant and leave only the good stuff you use. When your business grows so does the ecommerce platform as we switch on and add in the functionality you demand.

We use plain English as often as humanly possible to make it easy to read and understand the sections and actions. 

We use familiarity of design and uniformity of function so once you learn how to manage your products you’ll have learned how order processing works since it uses the same methods and tools. 

This is not bolt on additions built by disparate departments or outdated tools created decades apart… this is one, whole, modern solution to website management. Be you a small business with an intimate inventory or a multinational we have you covered.

By Alanna at 21 Aug 2014, 10:27 AM