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Ecommerce websites will often have hundreds of products but not much in the way of text content, so where are the SEO materials? In this case it's the products themselves that's the gold to be mined. 

Think how a customer might search for your product on a search engine. The product name is an obvious start but also the manufacturer, serial/model number, the category you have it organised by on your site, any assets (colour, size, shape, price, etc.). I myself use serial numbers and manufacturer to get quick overviews of prices on products I'm considering. This tends to bring back quicker and more accurate results than simply searching on for example: 42" Sony TV.

All this Metadata can be simply auto-generated by your ecommerce platform (assuming the developer has seen fit to include it) and is ideal when your inventory is vast and/or updates regularly by use of product feeds for example. It takes away some of your SEO control but if done with care it can be powerful and time saving.


What else can I do?

Install the free industry standard in site tracking and metrics “Google Analytics” which will give you endless advice and figures to show how your site performs daily.

This is a whole other area we'll deal with in more detail in a later post but it's simple to use and understand and since it's free you'd be crazy not to start using it right away.

You can get many paid services that provide SEO reports and will advise you or even do or your SEO for you. Be wary of those who promise you top ranking, as we've stated before the engines go out of their way to blacklist and prevent sites becoming ranked higher than another fraudulently.


What is an SEO Report?

An SEO report is a Search Engine Optimisation report that examines your website coupled with a short and important keyword phrase that you would like to get returned as a result when a potential customer entered it into a search engine.

The report engine examines your site for how well it presents itself:

  • to search engines in general
  • in reference to the keywords
  • against competitors for those keywords

All of which are factors in how high up the ranking your site fairs and highlight what it stopping you from achieving the coveted front page top-spots. Many other metrics and factors are included and a good report should always present facts rather than guesses, state failures and highlight areas of concern without stating definitive actions which I can't accurately speculate on.

There is a vast amount of detail in these professional reports and should be useful as food for thought with indicators of elements you might like to address with your new site.

Don’t forget that these reports are purely on the mechanical side of accessibility and can’t cover the aesthetics of a dated design or unfriendly interface that can be equally off-putting to a potential customer who actually clicks onto your site.

Complimentary SEO Report from COMGEM

Comgem offers a free, professional, 50 page+ SEO report for one of your keyword sets. Feel free to contact us requesting your "Free SEO report for the keywords [insert a 3 - 4 word phrase here] for the site [www. URL of your site here]".

What does the report include?

  • An overall score to show you where you succeed and fail.
  • Ranks you against your top 10 competitors in
  • Measures the effectiveness of your websites' use of those keywords.
  • Calculates your sites effectiveness against over 60 known ranking metrics.
  • Detailed breakdown of your pages with easy to read ratings.

Feel free call us to talk more in-depth on how we can improve your web presence.

By Alanna at 7 Aug 2014, 10:15 AM