An Interview with Shandy the Comgem Spaniel

Following Shady's first post, which left people somewhat confused by her very concise editorial style, today we sit down and get to know Shandy the office spaniel (a recent addition to the Comgem team).


MN: Good afternoon Shandy, thank you for taking the time to give us a more of a background on you as our new recruit.

S: Woof!


MN: What do you think of Comgem's recent sites with their responsive web design and new ecommerce platform for 2014 Shandy?

S: "Woof! Woof!"

MN: Very well put.


MN: When it comes to high quality web development work on enterprise Ecommerce websites how much cheaper is Comgem over our competitors?

S: "Arf, Arf!"


MN: And the new Bridgend web design offices, what are your thoughts on the spacious grounds, the garden, meeting rooms, development offices, sales department, design suite and town centre location?

S: "Woof!" (pause)... "Woof!"

MN: I know you come from a big family Shandy... so how do you rate the facilities and the fresh brewed coffee (no instant rubbish) we have for meetings and visitors?

S: "Rrrrrrer-oof!"

MN: So you recommend coming in for a demonstration or a project kick-off meeting?

S: "Reff.. Reff.."

MN: I'm not sure I could have said it better myself


MN: When it comes to top quality site designs which are your favourites that we've done:

S: *Paw points to*


MN: Well thank you for taking the time Shandy to answer some of the questions we've been asked about your post and how you fit into the team.

S: *Tail Wags*



Shandy is the Comgem office-dog and semi-official mascot of the company whose antics keep us all amused and working hard. Whether it's chasing a ball or providing us with much needed inspiration she is always on hand to make this a more complete office.

By Shandy at 15 Aug 2014, 16:25 PM