10 questions to ask yourself before you approach a web design agency

Developing a website can seem like a daunting task – it can be difficult to know where to begin, especially when looking at the whole picture. Comgem help break this process down to ensure a more manageable and stress free process, striving to achieve our clients’ needs.

Some clients approach us with a clear vision, whilst others require more guidance. Either way, Comgem accommodates our customers’ needs to ensure the most effective results.

Before approaching a web designer, it is advisable to have an idea of your expectations and what you wish to achieve. There are a number of questions which can help:

1. What does your company do?

Summarise your main line of work - any products you sell, services you provide, or campaigns you promote.

2. How long have you been established?

By knowing how long your company has been up and running, we can assess how best to approach your website.

3. Who are your targets?

Who do you want to visit your website, who do you wish to sell to? How will targeting this audience help your company?

4. Who are your key competitors?

Companies or businesses similar to yours - perhaps selling the same idea or procuts. Identify the differences, and similarities, between your company and your competitors. Identify how this can be used to your advantage.

5. What is your unique selling point?

How do you set your company apart from your competitiors - what gives you the edge over others, why should your target clients choose you?

6. How do you currently generate new business?

What methods do you employ in finding new clients - how do you network with potential clients, what is the process?

7. What are the key challenges with your new business development activities?

New ventures can create new problems. It can be beneficial to consider these, and therefore what steps can be taken to prevent any issues arising in the first place, or how to tackle them if something does crop up.

8. Have you ever done this before? If so, what was the outcome? Who did you use and why?

 Four questions disgusied as one: if you have previously used a website development service, we'd like to know of your experiences with them - what you liked (or didn't like) and how we can build upon your past experiences. If you've never used a web design service before, Comgem is here to help you along each step.

9. What websites do you like?

This can help us get an idea of your tastes, the image of your brand, and certain features that you may be interested in including in your own site. The content of your preferred websites may be totally different to your line of work, but if you like the layout, it is helpful to have a point of exisitng reference.

10. What are you looking to acheive by doing this?

Generate new business, expand your company, promote brand awareness, increase sales, exhibit your work... Whatever you're hoping to get out of your website, we're here to ensure you reach your goals.

By Danielle at 2 Jun 2013, 16:32 PM