The importance of good design: Impact of design on business

Good, effective design can be vital to creating competitive advantage that will ensure you stand out from the competition. Whether it be having a well designed logo, professional looking corporate stationary or carefully designed marketing collateral, in a matter of seconds your business can make a positive image.

This article highlights the importance of good design and the impact it can have on the modern business.

1. Good design results in being less price sensitive

Companies that invest in brand design and image are less likely to compete on price alone. Typically consumers are prepared to pay more for a branded product as they buy into the overall brand image and what it represents rather than just a bunch of features. 

2. Good brand design improves competitiveness

Good brand design correlates with creating a positive image which can be key when competing for new business and attracting new customers. You have a few seconds to impress a potential customer. In today's digital environment, often this will occur even before a customer has met you. Chances are they will have found you via a website, so your brand design has never been more important to being competitive.

3. Good brand design connects with people

Good brands create positive associations for their target audiences. Brand design and image is vital for ensuring a positive connection with your customers. An excellent example of this is Apple with the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Consumers want to be associated to the Apple brand and all it represents.

4. Good design creates a positive association

Image is important. Brand design plays an important role in creating a positive image. For many people good design promotes a quality image which in turn provides your customers with an association as to the quality of your products and services.

5. Good design increases sales

Research by the Design Council demonstrated the impact of design on turnover, with every £100 spent on design, turnover increased by £255. By not compromising on your image and brand design, you will effectively increase sales and profits.

Can you really afford to compromise your brand design? For businesses from new start-up businesses through to large PLC's good brand design can play a key role in overcoming the recession.

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By Alanna at 9 Oct 2013, 20:15 PM