Why should my website integrate into Google Analytics?

What is Google analytics? 

Google Analytics is a tool provided by Google which produces meticulous figures about the visitors to a website. Any website can use it, and it is an essential key to understanding how well your website is performing, but also includes statistics on…

Content – what pages are your visitors interested in, which pages are getting the most hits?
Bounce rate – Are visitors coming to your home page and leaving? Is it time to change your content to prevent this?
Visitor Loyalty You are able to distinguish the difference between one time visits and loyal visitors by seeing how often they visit your site. 
How your site is found – You can see how visitors found your site; from search engines, keywords, referrals etc. 
How is your site viewed – Your visitors might be viewing your site on a phone or laptop, using Firefox or Internet Explorer. Find out who is using what. 


Why should I use Google Analytics? 

It’s Free!

Google Analytics is a free service. There are no monthly costs and no consultation or training is required, and yet still performs most of the same tasks that more advanced analytical suites do, but for free. 
There is a paid ‘premium’ edition which processes higher volumes of page views and provides additional support. 

If you use Social Media

Google Analytics can help provide an understanding of how effective your social media platforms are. By looking at Traffic Sources you are able to view how many website visits are results of your social media platforms. 

If you have an Ecommerce site

Particularly important to ecommerce sites - you are able to see what specific products/services a visitor views. Google analytics also shows conversion rates, and details on where customers are being lost. By understanding the outbound link behaviour of your visitors, you can improve your website for conversion and your brand messaging for a strategically successful result. 

IP Exclusion

If you are launching a new site, yourself or your web team may be checking it continuously to make sure everything is correct. If you then check Google analytics and see a large influx of traffic on the first few days of your website launch, it can be incredibly misleading if the visits are from an internal source. 
Google analytics allows you to exclude your IP address (or a series of IP addresses) so that it will not appear in your results. 


Google analytics is very easy to use. The set up process is simple, especially if you have a Google mail account. Simply sign in, fill in some details about what you would like to track, add a tracking code (which will be provided to you) which you paste onto your pages to track visits, and then you’re able to view statistics about who’s visiting your site.   
There is also online support available should you require any assistance. 

Data Safeguarding

Your data’s security is important, and needs to remain so. The privacy settings on Google analytics are very detailed to ensure your data’s confidentiality, and GA employs a ‘multi-layered security strategy [that] is implemented throughout the organisation.’

Set goals 

Google Analytics allows you to set goals – imperative for ecommerce sites, as GA can help increase profits. Goals in GA will allow you to make an educated decision on which sources of possible new customers are more valuable than others. This means you can save the money you’re wasting on sources of ‘bad’ prospects and invest assets in the sources which are brining you valuable prospects, meaning cost per acquisition will decrease and profits will increase. 


A number of larger analytical packages won’t allow access to your data when you need it, as a professional consultant is required to make these reports and add the capabilities for you. It can be frustrating to not be able to have access to your own data, but with Analytics you are able to view your custom reports the way you want, and see it whenever you need to. 

How we can help

All websites designed and developed by Comgem integrate into Google Analytics, allowing you to track how well your website is performing. To find out more about how we can help you with your web design and increasing traffic to your website call our web design team on 02920 30 30 55.

By Danielle at 14 Nov 2013, 20:06 PM