Gemsuite & Gemmail

What is Gemsuite?

Think of Gemsuite like a tool kit containing all the essential equipment you need to ensure your business will succeed online. Gemsuite is a complete digital marketing suite, with everything you need in one place.

What does Gemsuite incorporate? 

Gemsuite allows you to manage everything on your website with one login. Gemsuite is a single product which contains many features, including: 

  1. Content management system 
  2. Ecommerce software
  3. E-mail marketing
  4. Contact management system 

Many of our customers make a return investment within weeks of using our digital marketing suite, which is a clear indication of the benefits of using Gemsuite. If you’re not convinced, here’s a few more…

Why should I use Gemsuite? 

1.It’s easy

As Gemsuite integrates Ecommerce, Email Marketing, Contact Management and Content Management, you can easily update and control all these elements under one roof. You don’t have to waste time logging in and out of various systems, saving time and effort.

Gemsuite is designed for non-technical people, resulting in software that is easy for anyone to use. Minimal training is required to use Gemsuite, and allows the user to take control of their website. 
A further important feature is affordability and scalability. You need software that can grow and adapt to changes within your business – if you begin selling a higher volume of products on your website, you need software that can keep up and expand with you, instead of having to pay to start from scratch each time. 

2.It’s unique

Our competitors are unable to provide all these features in one place, making Gemsuite one-of-a-kind. As data is stored in a single location, this allows for a single login. With other web development software, you would have to access each tool individually. For example, if you are an online boutique and wish to sell items online, you can do this with ecommerce. If you then wish to send out email marketing campaigns, you can do this with email marketing, which includes analytics. If you see these analytics show a number of unsubscribes, you can remove these from your database using the contact management system. Maybe you think your site needs a page or two added, and you want your twitter followers to know about your updates, this can be easily achieved with the content management system - all under one roof. 


3.It’s fast & flexible 

All businesses are different; different sizes, different targets, different audiences. Many other web developers offer a ‘one size fits all’ package, where there is not much room for growth or individuality. Gemsuite is different. As it uses a tried and tested framework, this results in quick development times.
However, this framework can be built on to suit you – we have many different customers using Gemsuite in many different ways. It is very flexible, and will tailor to your specific needs to ensure you are getting everything you want out of your website.  

4.Help your business grow

As Gemsuite is a number of individual systems put into one, these individual systems are constantly working to achieve the best results for your business. Gemsuite is effective in promoting your business and growing sales. Every aspect of this closely consolidated software is tried and tested to ensure it’s all in full working order, ensuring excellent sales, brand awareness, and expansion results. 


A key feature of the Gemsuite package is Gemmail. Gemmail is email marketing software, which will allow you to create professional email campaigns – a must for any business, as it is: 

  1. Cost effective
  2. Great for helping to identify hot leads
  3. Ideal for building brand awareness

Here are the key features offered by Gemmail:

  • List management and segmentation 
  • Campaign testing
  • Customised email campaigns
  • Create great looking email campaigns 
  • Industry leading deliverability 
  • Automated list cleansing 
  • Comprehensive reporting suite
  • Peace of mind
  • Compliance with the latest email marketing legislation & best practice
  • Dedicated to ensuring your email marketing success

Benefits of using Gemmail 

•All inclusive: build sales and drive revenues

Gemmail allows you to create fantastic email marketing campaigns that will generate brand awareness and promote your business.  Its comprehensive toolkit allows you to target your subscribers, design professional looking campaigns, and track every click and open.

•Cost effective marketing 

Using Gemmail for your email marketing campaigns is highly cost effective, and provides a detailed picture as to how your campaigns are performing – a very efficient way to market your business.

•Integrate email marketing with your website and ecommerce store

Your email marketing shouldn't be something that is done in isolation. This is why Gemmail can seamlessly integrate into your other digital marketing activities.

•Acutely target your email marketing campaigns

A targeted campaign is a successful campaign. Gemmail has tools that will allow you to finely target your email campaigns, based on any information stored. 

•Dedicated sending IP

With the majority of email service providers, you will be using the same IP as many other customers – Comgem doesn't do this. Every Gemmail email marketing customer has their own personal IP, so you can be certain that the sending practice of others won’t affect your campaigns. 

•Personalise email campaigns 

By sending mass, impersonal email marketing campaigns, the majority are likely to end up in junk folders or deleted. Personalising your campaign content to the individual you are targeting is a far more effective way of marketing your business, and Gemmail allows you to add personal snippets to campaigns, as well as adding personal touches to subject lines. 

•Automatic management 

When people opt-out of your email campaigns or you receive a bounce, Gemmail will automatically update your subscriber database so you don’t have to. We also take care of third party feedback loops, so you won’t be sending emails to people who have marked your email as ‘spam’ with their ISP. 

To see more about our Gemsuite package, please click here

To have a chat with a member of our team about your options using Gemsuite, please contact Comgem on 02920 30 30 55

By Paul at 10 May 2013, 17:16 PM