Why should I have a Custom Design Website?

As a high number of free web design templates can be easily downloaded, you may be questioning the necessity of having a custom design website. Anyone with a computer can create a website using these free templates (or Photoshop, Dreamweaver etc.) but they are unlikely to produce the desired results – and fall short against competitors.

Having a custom design website can really establish your company’s web presence, and ensure you are projecting the right brand image to your potential and existing customers, along with potential business growth. With many things in life, you quite literally get what you pay for in regards to web design, so paying for cheap tools will leave you with a cheap site.

Here are our top five reasons your business should use custom web design…

1. Time saving
Building a website is time and effort consuming. This time and effort could be put to better use running your business, and leaving the web design to the professionals. By using Comgem, you have a team of expert designers, coders, developers, writers and marketers working to produce your ideal website

2. Keep up with latest trends
A superb perk of hiring a professional web developer is that they are acutely aware of the latest and greatest trends in the fast-paced industry of web design, which will be reflected in your site. Some of these trends include depth perception, QR codes, SEO optimisation and CSS3 – features that would not be included in simple templates.

3. One of a kind
Templates will be full of copy, code, graphics and layouts that could potentially be used by thousands of other businesses. It hardly sends the right impression if visitors have seen your site multiple times before, or if you have a very similar site to your competitors. With custom web design, you not only get a tailor-made site that meets your requirements, but you also get excellent features such as custom web applications. Comgem can provide a number of apps, which can be anything from shopping carts to wish lists, and it’s these touches that will make your site successful.

4. Easy to find
Using a free template design platform will not only be un-impressive, but also be difficult for customers (or anyone else) to find. A custom built website means your website will be optimised for the search engines, and therefore ensure more traffic to your site.

5. Worth the investment
If you want your website to be a success, hiring a custom web development team is the way to do this. You will be reaping the benefits and seeing your business grow. The price can seem out of reach for some, but Comgem offers a series of solutions based on your budget and requirements – there is no one size fits all.

To find out more about what we can do for your website and business, contact Comgem on 02920 30 30 55.

By Alanna at 3 Jan 2013, 10:20 AM