What is Hosting and why do I need it?

A website consists of three things:

  1. The domain name – this is the address you type in to your web browser. For example, www.comgem.com is our domain name. 
  2. The website itself – this is the code, the content, the images etc., that you see when visiting a website. 
  3. Hosting – this is where the website is physically stored and accessed by ‘end users’ (i.e. the visitors to the site.) 

A hosting service is imperative to a successful website as without it, the site would not be accessible. The web host is an is an on-going service that makes a website accessible via the World Wide Web, providing space on a server which is owned or leased for use by clients, as well as providing internet connectivity.

Many of our websites developed by Comgem are more than static (non-updateable) solutions. Instead, they are database driven (i.e. content managed / updateable) websites, meaning the need for good reliable hosting is imperative, as any problems means the entire website can be easily lost. 

The hidden cost of cheap hosting... 

Hosting has a big impact on your business. Imagine a user visiting your site and trying to access pages which don’t work. This causes user frustration, and creates a negative image for your business. Investing in a quality hosting service is vital to prevent this and ensure your site is up and running for your users.  

The cost of your site not being live can be huge – customers are unable to find you, any information on your company, what services you provide or products you sell.

Companies who offer cheap hosting can do so at the cost of other important functions: security, support and back-ups are sacrificed in order to keep costs low. Cheap hosts also place a high number of sites on a single server, meaning other people’s websites can influence your websites performance – if you are sharing a host with an un-ethical website, what image does this give your business? Comgem can guarantee that your site won’t be shared on a single server with others, and our hosting provider acts as insurance should anything go wrong, being able to fix issues quickly and efficiently.

Cheap hosting providers are limited to business hours – if your site goes down on a Friday afternoon, you will be waiting until Monday morning (at the earliest!) to rectify it. We are not constricted to these business hours and can offer support whenever you require it.

If you’re running an Ecommerce website and your site goes down for a few days, how much money would you lose? Comgem’s hosting service ensures this won’t happen, and any problems are resolved quickly with 24/7 support services and security, resulting in dependable service and your business being kept online at all times.

Is my data safe?

We understand how valuable your data is, and therefore needs to be properly protected with a secure online backup system. Our data recovery system backs up content from up to 30 days to ensure your data is safe. As we use database storage, any pages that have been deleted or edited can also be accessed prior to the changes made.I have an ecommerce site. Will it be secure? 

Security in regards to an ecommerce site is especially important as there is no room for site vulnerability. We use a 3rd party data centre which is only virtually accessible, and Comgem’s hosting uses Trust Guard, meaning attacks against our network are stimulated to ensure we are able to stop a real intruder. The fact our hosting can withstand most stimulated attacks speaks volumes about our security.  

I don’t have time to constantly check my site – how will I know if there are problems?

We are pro-active in maintaining a high standard of for your site. Continuously checking your site for errors can be monotonous and time consuming. Our hosting provider constantly checks your site for errors, and alerts us if there is a problem. If the server slows down, resources are maxed out or CPU memory usage is running low, we’ll know about it and fix it straight away – protecting your reputation and maintaining high standards.

Will my site load quickly?

The time your site takes to load is crucial. In studies conducted by Google, findings show that the quicker the site, the happier the user. When sites respond slowly, users spend less time there. Google also takes website response time into account when determining search engine rankings.

Again, this is especially important for ecommerce sites as studies show the majority of ‘shopping-cart abandonment’ is a result of impatience: a website taking too long to load will lose sales.

We can provide well-connected, speedy and capable hosting. Our premium hosting provider also hosts Virgin and ITV, and our UK based servers is one of the leading data centres, ensuring you get constant high speeds. 

What if the hard drive fails? 

We use RAID technology (Redundant Array of Independent Disks), which is a storage system that combines a number of disk drives components into one logical unit. Basically, this means that we have two databases mirroring each other. If one does fail, the other one will hold the same data, protecting your website data and reputation.

If you  need more advice regarding hosting options for your site, contact one of our team on 0290 30 30 55 or visit our website

By Paul at 2 Dec 2013, 17:47 PM