Essential ecommerce features

There are hundreds of ecommerce solutions available. Finding the most suitable one for your business can be a time consuming task.

In this article we will discuss the 10 essential ecommerce features that will make or break your ecommerce website.

Search engine friendliness

The most effective way to get traffic to your website is through the major search engines. This means that having a search engine friendly ecommerce website is vital to ensuring your ecommerce website success.

Ecommerce website security

Ensuring your ecommerce website is PCI compliant is vital. Not only can you risk significant fines but this also provides security for both you and your customers.

Maximise revenue generation

The whole purpose of having an ecommerce website is to maximise online sales. By using things such as cross sells and upsells you can effectively increase online sales.

Social sharing

Allowing your website visitors to share products displayed on your website can be an effective way to drive more traffic to your website. This allows visitors to share products to their favourite social networks.

Product reviews and feedback

Don't be afraid of allowing customers to leave feedback. Customer feedback can be an effective way to drive more sales through your ecommerce website as it builds trust.

Wish list

Allow your customers to create a wish list that they can share to their social networks. This will help to boost online conversions and increase your reach.

Flexible product search

Make it easy for your customers to find products on your website. Facet searches, search suggestions, advanced searches (i.e. price high to low, etc.) and search filtering can make it easier for your customers find and buy products.

Comprehensive product information and images

Your ecommerce website is your shop window. Like your shop window, what you customers see on your website can determine whether you customer will buy or not. Provide your customers with multiple product images and enable them to zoom to view the product 'close-up'.

Third party integration

If you are looking to take your ecommerce website seriously, chances are third party integration will play an important role. Whether you are looking to integrate into a supplier, a third party order management system, Amazon or Ebay, you need an ecommerce framework that will facilitate third party integration.

Comprehensive promotional management

Promotional management can be an effective way to boost sales. Whether it be a promotional code that you share on your social networks or a one of promotion you provide to new subscribers or newly registered customers.

There are many ecommerce solutions available and these are just a handful of the key ecommerce features.

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By Danielle at 6 Sep 2012, 08:56 AM