Web design predictions for 2012

With 2012 finally upon us, what are our predictions for web design in 2012?

With online ecommerce website sales booming, the team here at Comgem predict that having an ecommerce website will be vital for businesses looking to survive in today's difficult economic environment. "An ecommerce website is a surefire way to obtain a return on your investment" said Danielle Attard, Comgem's Head of Marketing "many of the big brands have found that their ecommerce presence has boomed, as consumers become more savvy for a bargain".

The trend for mobile internet will continue, as such it is vital that your brand is accessible when consumers are on the move. We will see an explosion in HTML5 but also m-commerce.

During 2011, the web started to pick up on the use of non-traditional web fonts, this trend will continue with the boom in font replacement technologies. "Businesses and organisations are now looking for ways to differentiate themselves online" said Danielle Attard "using non standard fonts is just one of the ways".

We also predict a further convergence of social media strategy and company's online web strategy, this will include a greater emphasis on single sign in facilities but also the way in which content is fed to your social spaces.

By Danielle at 18 Jan 2012, 09:25 AM