The do's and don'ts of creating an effective website

Good web designers often have a variety of different ways for building a website especially to draw in traffic to get to your website. This is why the importance of building the website correctly in order to continue draw in more traffic no matter what the website may be. When starting a web design project it is useful that your web designer is aware of the specific requirements of the website.

For the individual who wants a brochure style website for their business the most important thing is creating an aesthetically pleasing site that is well optimised. Effective web design does not necessarily mean that there has to be big flashing logos. There is so much more than that to make the website. This is where the web designer needs to know the effective web design to make their website jump out to the person looking for a specific website. Just as the website, design does not need flashy logos all over it the textures and or gradients should not be overdone either. This can take away from the whole website. It is important that a business website should have an effective web design that appropriately positions the brand and conveys the right image.

There are some things that the web designer needs to do when creating an effective web design. Before starting the design of the website, the web designer should understand your requirements and needs and what exactly should be on the website design.  Once your web designer understands your requirements they will need to ensure they fulfill certain best practices such as:

  • Keep your page structured 
  • Focus on what is important 
  • Choose the right color scheme 
  • Make it simple to scan the page 
  • Keep it simple 
  • Set your navigation up properly

The above is some of the things to pay attention to in order to help your website start-up and take off. But also avoiding common pitfalls such as the following: 

  • Do not place boxes everywhere 
  • Do not place irrelevant ads all over the page 
  • Do not use many different colors on the website as it can become too busy 
  • Do not write a paragraph on every page that has to many words 
  • Do not go on and on about nothing to fill space on the website 
  • Do not overly use keywords all over the pages

Keeping your website simple and clean is vital as it will be much easier for the visitors of the web page to scan it, understand what your business is offering, and by keeping the website simple allows the visitor to do what they need to do quickly and simply. This is what will help to continue to draw targeted web visitors to your website.

By Danielle at 6 Dec 2011, 11:00 AM