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Reshape Your IT Reselling Success with Comgem's Ecommerce Platform

Comgem's flexible ecommerce platform is your ultimate partner for selling IT products online. It's all about you - we know that as an IT reseller, your needs are diverse and unique. That's why our platform offers an array of powerful features designed to meet your every requirement.

With dynamic pricing for a competitive edge, complete personalisation for stronger customer relationships, seamless integrations with leading IT distributors, and support for rich third-party product data, you'll find the tools you need to thrive in the fast-paced IT market.

Dynamic Pricing

Supercharge your profitability with Comgem's dynamic pricing and stay ahead of the competition with prices that adapt to cost and RRP fluctuations in real-time. Comgem's ecommerce platform offers flexibility in pricing structures, allowing you to tailor pricing to different customer segments, accounts and contacts. You can provide personalised pricing to meet each customer's specific needs and offer volume discounts with quantity-based pricing to drive more sales.

Don't let pricing limitations hold back your IT reselling success. Embrace Comgem's dynamic pricing and unlock new opportunities for profitability and customer satisfaction.

Customer-Centric Personalisation

Customer-centric personalisation lies at the heart of our ecommerce platform for IT resellers, VARs, and MSPs. In today's fast-paced market, delivering a one-size-fits-all experience no longer suffices. That's why we've equipped our platform with powerful tools that allow you to provide unparalleled personalisation to each and every customer.

With our platform, you can create custom catalogues and personalised experiences, crafted to cater to their specific requirements. From individualised pricing and special offers to personalised recommendations, you'll keep them coming back for more. And for those valued customers, our co-branding options offer the perfect touch. Seamlessly integrate their brand elements into the platform, elevating their shopping experience and reinforcing loyalty. At every step of the customer journey, our platform empowers you to leave a lasting impact, foster strong customer relationships, and fuel your success. Revolutionise your IT reselling business with customer-centric personalisation.

Grow Your IT Reselling Business with Personalised Ecommerce!

Discover the game-changing potential of complete personalisation in our exclusive video demos. Witness how Comgem empowers you to create custom catalogues, offer individualised experiences, and implement dynamic pricing for unparalleled customer loyalty.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your IT reselling business to new heights - see the future of ecommerce today and become a customer-centric IT reselling powerhouse.

Seamless Integrations, Seamless Success

Experience the ease of seamless integrations with leading IT distributors like Westcoast, Ingram Micro, Exertis, and Tech Data, in terms of automating stock and pricing updates.

You have the freedom to choose how you manage your product data. Whether you prefer to pull rich product data from a third-party provider or use our built-in tools to manage and update your product information, the choice is yours. With Comgem, you'll experience the ease of keeping your products fresh and engaging, creating a seamless experience for your customers as they explore your extensive product range.

But that's not all, Comgem also integrates effortlessly with leading third-party systems, ensuring smooth interactions with platforms such as Sage 200, Sage 50, Xero, Horizon, Business Central, and many more. So you can streamline your operations, eliminate manual data entry, and boost efficiency across your IT reselling business.

With our platform's integration capabilities, you'll have the power to stay ahead of the competition, keep your product data up-to-date, and provide your customers with a truly exceptional shopping experience. Embrace the ease and power of integrations with Comgem's ecommerce platform and watch your IT reselling business thrive.