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Unlimited Potential - Discover the Ecommerce Solution for Business Supplies

Comgem is the ultimate ecommerce solution for business supplies companies looking to thrive online.

If you're looking to expand your product offerings, streamline online ordering processes, and offer a personalised shopping experience to your customers, you're in the right place. With Comgem's cutting-edge platform, you'll revolutionise how you sell business supplies online and stand out in a competitive market. Discover the power of flexibility, seamless integrations, and personalised features that will take your business to new heights.

Flexibility to Sell Your Entire Product Range

We understand the diverse range of products business supplies companies offer, from stationery to desks, chairs, PPE, and technology and everything else in between. Our ecommerce platform is built with flexibility in mind, allowing you to showcase and sell your entire product range effortlessly. Whether you have standalone products, product variations, product bundles, or products that are customised for an individual customer our platform empowers you to create an enticing and user-friendly shopping experience for your customers.

Take full control of your product information with Comgem's support for multiple images and engaging video content. Elevate the shopping experience, captivating customers with compelling visuals that leave a lasting impression. Embrace the digital age and thrive as a distributor with Comgem's innovative ecommerce platform. Your path to success starts here.

Pricing Flexibility

We understand the challenges you face in maintaining competitive pricing. That's why our platform is designed to adapt to cost and RRP changes, allowing you to maintain your profit margins.

With our advanced pricing management capabilities, you are in control. Prioritise pricing levels based on customer contacts, accounts, and segments, offering a tailored experience for each customer. Implement quantity break pricing to incentivise larger orders and maximise your profitability. Plus, with our platform, you can offer time-sensitive special discounts that drive customer engagement and loyalty.

Embrace the unparalleled power of Comgem's Ecommerce Platform tailored exclusively for distributors and wholesalers

Are you ready to witness a transformative experience? Prepare to be amazed as our awe-inspiring video demo showcases the full potential of our platform. From streamlining operations to delighting customers and boosting revenue, Comgem is your key to reaching new heights in the world of distribution and wholesale.

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Personalisation for Every Customer

Each customer is unique, and that's why Comgem offers personalised solutions to cater to their specific requirements. Our platform supports differentiated pricing, custom catalogues, and orderpads, allowing you to tailor the shopping experience for each customer. Co-branded portals offer a powerful selling benefit, fostering strong customer connections and building customer loyalty.

With Comgem you'll reach a wide range of customers with varying needs, including end-users, pay-by-card customers, and pay-on-account customers. Our platform caters to diverse payment options and offers the flexibility to handle order approvals, ensuring a smooth and efficient buying experience for all. And giving you the flexbility you need to adapt to every customer.

Effortless Ordering Process and Complete Order to Cash Cycle Management

Simplify your sales process and take full control of the order to cash cycle. With Comgem you can track fulfillment effortlessly, save time with EDI ordering and resources with integrating with Xero or Sage 50. Swiftly process transactions with real-time stock and pricing updates, streamlining your supply chain and providing a superior customer experience.

Showcase Your Service Offerings

Showcase your service offerings through captivating landing pages. Utilise image rotators to display your work, creating a compelling brand experience that resonates with your clients. With Comgem's content management system, your services will stand out and leave a lasting impression.