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B2b ecommerce for medical and veterinary businesses

The medical and veterinary industries are fast paced, bust environments.

  • Customer based pricing
  • Customer catalogues & product lists
  • Granular customer permissions
  • Branded customer portals
  • Multiple logins per account
  • Multi-site customer set ups
  • Authorisations & account hierarchies
  • A suite of self-serve tools

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Medical and veterinary products ecommerce software

Veterinary and medical products by nature can be complex, with many different permutations and detailed information needing to be recorded against the product. You need an ecommerce solution that will convey complex information in a user-friendly manner and allows your customers to refine products, as well as cater for advanced needs, including customer based pricing for different clients. 

Comgem have proven experience working with b2b ecommerce businesses who sell to various practises including hospitals, GPs, and local health services, as well as veterinary practises. Our platform can cater for the complex needs of your customers, whilst allowing them to benefit from a user friendly interface which can adapt for mobile, desktop, and tablet. Comgem will make it as easy as possible to buy from you. 


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Comprehensive ecommerce features for medical, healthcare, and veterinary practises

Fast-paced and time-strapped, those working in the medical and animal health sectors are looking for ways to order more effectively from important suppliers. Not only do they want to be able to see the products they can buy, but they need tools to streamline the ordering process, as well as display any special pricing they may have negotiated. With Comgems b2b ecommerce platform, you can provide your clients with a quick way to buy from you in bulk, with the added benefit of quantity breaks and custom pricing. You can also provide our customers with different delivery service options, so they can ensure their medical and veterinary equipment is delivered safely and efficiently, and when they need it most. 

With Comgems all encompassing back office system, you can have all of your sales processes in one managed environment, with easy to manage stocks, returns, and inventory, as well as seamless integration with your accounting platform. 

Advantages of ecommerce for medical and veterinary businesses

Take a look at some of the important ecommerce features designed for the needs of medical and veterinary businesses.

Person shopping on tablet

Product management

  • Support for own and third party products
  • Advanced product merchandising options
  • Support for product variations
2 people looking at a laptop

Customer management

  • Tools to drive customer loyalty
  • Manage complex customers
  • Control over customer permissions
Graph on tablet

Marketing management

  • Personalised customer experiences
  • Drive brand awareness
  • Manage promos and offers
Person holding credit card next to laptop

Website management

  • Easily update and manage your website 
  • Drag and drop content editor
  • Support for multi-site management
  • Manage different content types
Pricing plan next to laptop

Pricing management

  • Support for complex pricing structures
  • Dynamically update pricing based on cost/RRP pricing
  • Support for quantity break pricing
Person shopping on mobile

Ecommerce tools

  • Customers can create multiple favourites lists
  • Create multiple saved baskets
  • Quick order functionality
Person on laptop

Customer quotations

  • Customers can request quotations online
  • Allow customers to convert quotations via 'My Account.'
Person holding credit card next to mobile

Order management

  • Allow customers to build their own baskets 
  • Manage authorisation processes online
  • Set cost centres on a line item basis
  • Customers can view order history
Person online shopping on laptop

Ecommerce search

  • Flexible ecommerce search
  • Comprehensive filters and search refinement
  • Intellisearch suggestions as you type
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Shipping managment

  • Comprehensive shipping options
  • Customers can manage multiple shipping addresses
Person paying on contactless machine

Payment management

  • Integrate with leading payment gateways
  • Flexible payment options
  • Customers can control budgets and authorisations
2 people carrying boxes in a warehouse

Supplier integration

  • Seamless integration with your suppliers
  • See real time stock updates
  • Manage all of your suppliers in one place

Feature rich b2b ecommerce

Here are just a few of the advanced features and capabilities
that provide you with the competitive edge.

Person looking at b2b ecommerce website and back office system

B2B Ecommerce 

Ensure your online ordering website is easy for customers to use and offers essential b2b ecommerce features.

Key b2b ecommerce features include:

  • Customer pricing and contract lists
  • Catalogues tailored to individual customers, with products available only to those clients who need them
  • Fast order, quote, and saved-basket processing
  • Customised ecommerce portals that are branded by customer
  • Authorisation workflows and budget controls
  • Advanced customer self-service and reporting tools
  • Shipping costs can be calculated based on order spend, account, location, product, and supplier
  • Support for multiple account structures (including one or more locations, departments, cost centers, and other divisions)

Orders & fulfilment

Comgem enables you to manage your entire order-to-cash cycle by offering quote, order entry and fulfilment capabilities. With visibility over each individual sale, not only can you meet customer expectations but exceed them!

Comgem offers numerous features for order management:

  • Excellent support for quoting and placing orders by both web and phone
  • Visibility over past orders, including pricing and re-order history
  • Real-time visibility of customers' shopping carts and order approval requests
  • Supplier fulfilment (including just in time and direct to customer orders) is handled by Comgem, as well as own stock orders
  • Support for EDI orders, dispatching, and invoicing
  • Manage customer and supplier invoices with integration to leading accounting systems
  • Track customer and supplier returns with ease

Content management (CMS)

Easily create, edit, and manage eye catching landing pages with a comprehensive content management system (CMS). Personalise content based on customer account and segment, then build webpages your customers will love.

The following content management features are available:

  • A drag-and-drop landing page builder that lets you see how your pages will look as you create them
  • Management of access to and restrictions on individual pages (by account and permission)
  • Create content that can be shared across multiple pages and managed in a single location
  • Built-in version control and roll back capabilities make it easy to revert changes
  • Support for different kinds of content (including text, images, video lists and more)
  • More advanced content widgets, including: blogs, social sharing, product rotators, maps, and brand rotators each with the purpose of driving traffic to your store
  • Ability to reuse previously created content as a template for future projects
  • Access to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for technical users


Comgem's b2b ecommerce marketing platform includes all the tools you need to create brand awareness, drive sales growth, and foster customer loyalty

Our ecommerce marketing features include:

  • Fully customisable landing pages with a drag-and-drop editor
  • A fully-featured email marketing system built in, so you can create and send your own campaigns
  • Social sharing buttons can be easily integrated into your site
  • Allows you to create web pages that are highly search-engine friendly
  • Integration with Google shopping and support for Google Tag Manager
  • Support for discount coupons, sales promotions, and other marketing incentives
  • Integrated blog and resource modules
  • The ability to schedule and manage website banners
  • Send out email templates that can be tailored to your company's needs
  • Customised customer experiences that are tailored to account and segment
ecommerce product management

Product management

With Comgem's b2b ecommerce platform, you have the tools needed to manage your products. Whether you're looking to add your own products or pull listings from a third-party data provider.

Key product management features include:

  • Multiple product images
  • Product description and specifications
  • Product media including videos and PDFs
  • Cross-selling and upselling for a more profitable customer experience
  • A flexible system for setting product prices
  • Numerous category options, including multi-category products
  • Manage stock levels and fulfilment options
  • Supports variations and product options
  • Product bundles
  • Support for bulk product uploads

Customer management

Let your customers manage their own accounts in order to free up time for you and your sales team. Use technology to know more about each customer and provide them with a better experience.

Key features include:

  • The ability to view real-time customer insights such as baskets, orders needing authorisation, and live orders
  • A robust user-management system that allows you to tailor different levels of access and permissions for each customer
  • You can create and manage customer pricing through contact, account, or segment
  • Includes task, note, and opportunity management capabilities
  • Supports different types of customers, including end-users, accounts, and groups within an account
  • Manage contacts, accounts, and leads effectively
  • Complete visibility into your customer's order and quote histories

Pricing management

Our flexible pricing module gives you complete control over your prices and profit margins. You can be confident that our ecommerce platform will help you to maximise profitability.

We've developed a variety of b2b ecommerce pricing features that include:

  • Seamlessly implement site-wide, segment, account, and contact-based pricing
  • Manage pricing by supplier, product, category or range, matrix band, and color code
  • Supports fixed-price and variable pricing based on the RRP (retail recommended price) and fluctuations in cost
  • Advanced pricing options allow you to charge more for some items than others based on their cost or quantity
  • Manage pricing priorities by setting start and expiration dates, multiple price lists, and contract list display
  • Product pricing overrides and overlays (such as bestseller or special offer) can both be supported
  • Control the process of managing customer authorisation needs according to price lists

Innovative B2B ecommerce platform

Comgem Sell is an innovative B2B Ecommerce platform, specifically designed for the needs of wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and resellers. You can benefit from an expansive range of business critical features.

Customising a garment

Personalised customer experiences 

Tailor your ecommerce website to each individual customer by turning features on or off, as well as creating customer-branded portals for an extra wow factor.

Awaiting authorisation

Customer purchasing controls

Using a combination of budgets, restricted catalogues, and product access bandings, you can control what end-users can buy, along with authorisation levels.

Account theme picker

Flexible client self-serve options

Allow selected end-users to create new staff members and permissions, as well as access to advanced reporting and functionality, including quotes and multi-list favourites.

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For your customers who have an account with you, you can create account specific order pads populated with their most commonly purchased items, so they can easily add the items to their basket from here for an easy checkout. Customers also have the ability to create multiple favourites lists as well as view their order history - Making it easy for customers to order from you online.

Yes! With Comgem, you can create personalised portals for your key customer accounts for that extra special touch, this can include the brand logo, colours, a personalised message, as well as custom featured products and catalogue.