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Medical & Veterinary products ecommerce software

Veterinary and medical products by nature can be complex, with many different permutations and detailed information needing to be recorded against the product. You need an ecommerce solution that will convey complex information in a user-friendly manner and allows your customers to refine products, as well as cater for advanced needs including customer based pricing for different clients. 

Comgem have proven experience working with B2B ecommerce businesses who sell to various practises including hospitals, GPs, and local health services, as well as veterinary practices. Our platform can cater for the complex needs of your customers, whilst allowing them to benefit from a user friendly interface which can adapt for mobile, desktop, and tablet. Comgem will make it as easy as possible to buy from you.

Comprehensive ecommerce features for medical, healthcare, & veterinary practices

Fast paced and time-strapped, those working in the medical and animal health sectors are looking for ways to order more effectively from important suppliers. Not only do they want to be able to see the products they can buy, but they need tools to streamline the ordering process, as well as display any special pricing they may have negotiated. With Comgems B2B ecommerce platform, you can provide your clients with a quick and easy way to buy from you in bulk, with the added benefit of quantity breaks and custom pricing. You can also provide your customers with different delivery service options, so they can ensure their medical and veterinary equipment is delivered safely and efficiently - and when they need it most. 

With Comgems all-encompassing back office system, you can have all of your sales processes in one managed environment, with easy to manage stocks, returns, and inventory, as well as seamless integration with your accounting platform.

Advantages of ecommerce for Medical & Veterinary businesses

Take a look at some of the important ecommerce features designed for the needs of medical and healthcare suppliers.

Product management

  • Support for own and third party products
  • Advanced product merchandising options
  • Support for product variations

Customer management

  • Tools to drive customer loyalty
  • Manage complex customers
  • Control over customer permissions

Marketing management

  • Personalised customer experiences
  • Drive brand awareness
  • Manage promos and offers

Website management

  • Easily update and manage your website 
  • Drag and drop content editor
  • Support for multi-site management
  • Manage different content types

Pricing management

  • Support for complex pricing structures
  • Dynamically update pricing based on cost/RRP pricing
  • Support for quantity break pricing

Ecommerce tools

  • Customers can create multiple favourites lists
  • Create multiple saved baskets
  • Quick order functionality

Customer quotations

  • Customers can request quotations online
  • Allow customers to convert quotations via 'My Account.'

Order management

  • Allow customers to build their own baskets 
  • Manage authorisation processes online
  • Set cost centres on a line item basis
  • Customers can view order history

Ecommerce search

  • Flexible ecommerce search
  • Comprehensive filters and search refinement
  • Intellisearch suggestions as you type

Shipping managment

  • Comprehensive shipping options
  • Customers can manage multiple shipping addresses

Payment management

  • Integrate with leading payment gateways
  • Flexible payment options
  • Customers can control budgets and authorisations

Supplier integration

  • Seamless integration with your suppliers
  • See real time stock stock updates
  • Manage all of your suppliers in one place

Medical products ecommerce websites

A successful medical and healthcare B2B ecommerce website should be an easy and streamlined solution for clients to find exactly the right products they're looking for, with access to stress-free and efficient ordering and delivery. 

Your order and sales process should be streamlined and straight forward, for boosting conversion rates and encouraging sales. With the ability for clients to manage their own account, including the ability to create multiple favourites lists for various departments, access to order history for easy reordering, and a personalised orderpad.

The best ecommerce solution for your veterinary & medical clients

Comgem works with a number of customers who supply leading medical, healthcare, and veterinary practices. We have an understanding of the specific needs of these organisations and the tools that will help them buy more of your products in an easy to understand manner that will minimise purchasing errors.

If you're looking to streamline your sales processes, sell more of your products online, and provide your medical and veterinary customers with the tools to self serve whilst maintaining that personal touch, Comgems B2B ecommerce platform is the ideal solution for you.

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