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Cutting edge b2b ecommerce features

Comgem comes with all the tools you need to sell more, generate awareness, and save time.

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Designed for business. An adaptive b2b platform.

Comgem is much more than an ecommerce solution. It's a suite of powerful cloud-based applications that will help you increase your sales with minimal effort.

Comgem Sell

Simplify the process of selling to other businesses with a powerful ecommerce platform that grows with your business.

Comgem 360

From a single login, you can manage your business and see all of your orders in one place. Improve satisfaction and get products delivered on time.

Build web pages that reflect your brand's message and are easily updated with an intuitive, drag and drop content management system.

Easy, effective email marketing. Build brand awareness and grow sales with professional campaigns that you create, send, and track yourself!

Comprehensive b2b ecommerce features

Comgem provides an impressive list of b2b ecommerce features.
Irrespective of your customer base or what products you sell, you can be confident your
Comgem ecommerce website will grow with your business.

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B2B Ecommerce 

Ensure your online ordering website is user-friendly and streamlined for your business customers with essential b2b ecommerce features.

  • Customer pricing, contract lists, and orderpads
  • Customer based catalogues, account specific and restricted products
  • Quick order, quotations, and saved baskets
  • Customer branded ecommerce portals
  • Authorisation workflows and budgets
  • Advanced customer self-service tools and customer reporting
  • Comprehensive shipping (by order spend, account, location, product, and supplier)
  • Support for different account structures ( including multiple locations and users, departments, cost-centres, etc.)

Orders & Fulfilment

Manage your entire order to cash cycle from quotation and order entry to fulfilment and invoice. With Comgem you'll have visibility over each and every order, ensuring you deliver when promised and exceed your customer expectations. Comgems order management features include:

  • Excellent support for web and offline quotations and orders
  • Visibility over past-order history and pricing, including quick re-order
  • Real-time visibility of customer baskets and authorisation requests
  • Caters for own stock and supplier fulfilment (including just in time and direct to customer orders)
  • Support for supplier EDI ordering (including acknowlegdement, dispatch, and invoices)
  • Manage customer and supplier invoicing including integration with leading accounting solutions
  • Easily manage customer and supplier returns

Content management system (CMS)

Simply create, edit, and manage eye catching landing pages with a comprehensive content management system (CMS). Personalise content based on customer account and segment, and create web pages your customers and the major search engines will love. Content management features include:

  • Drag and drop landing page builder with real-time preview
  • Management of page access and restrictions (by account and permission)
  • Support for shared content items (including account and segment access)
  • Built-in version control and roll back capabilities
  • Comprehensive support for different content types (including text, images, video, lists, etc)
  • Advanced content widgets including blogs, social sharing, product rotators, maps, and brand rotators
  • Ability to save and create templates for future use
  • Access to HTML, CSS, and JS for technical users


Comgems b2b ecommerce marketing platform includes all the tools you need to generate awareness, increase sales, and build loyal customers. Our ecommerce marketing features include:

  • Flexible drag and drop page builder with complete control over your landing pages
  • Built in email marketing suite - allowing you to create, send, and track email campaigns
  • Integrated social sharing options
  • Allows you to create highly optimised website content
  • Google shopping integration and Google Tag Manager support
  • Support for discounts, promos, and coupon codes
  • Integrated resource and blog module
  • Flexbility to manage and schedule website banners
  • Customisable system generated emails
  • Personalised customer experiences based on account and segment
ecommerce product management

Product management

With Comgems b2b ecommerce platform, you have all the tools you need to manage your products. Whether you are looking to add your own products, or pull your products from a third party data provider or supplier, you can be confident of delivering content that will sell.

Key product management features include:

  • Multiple product images
  • Product description and specifications
  • Product media including videos and PDFs
  • Customised cross sells
  • Granular product pricing control
  • Flexible category control
  • Manage stock availability and fulfilment
  • Supports variations and product options
  • Product bundles
  • Support for mass importing your product data

Customer management

Allow your customers to self-serve and manage their own account, so your team can focus on being sales people, not order takers. Get to know your customers and use technology to provide them with a more personalised experience with a comprehensive CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Key features include:

  • Real-time customer insights including baskets, orders needing authorisation, and live orders
  • Granular customer management and ecommerce permissions
  • Manage customer pricing including pricing by contact, account, and segment
  • Built-in task, note, and opportunity management
  • Supports different customer types, including end-user, account, and hierarchical accounts
  • Comprehensive management of contacts, accounts, and leads
  • Complete visibility over customer order and quote history

Pricing management

Our flexible pricing module gives you complete control over your pricing and how much customers pay for your products. You can be confident of managing your margins and maximising your profitability.

Our b2b ecommerce pricing features include:

  • Support for site wide, segment, account, and contact based pricing
  • Manage pricing by supplier, category, range, matrix band, colour code, and product
  • Supports fixed pricing and dynamic options based on RRP and cost fluctations
  • Advanced pricing options including pricing by cost threshold as well as quantity breaks
  • Manage pricing priorities, start and expiry dates, multiple price lists, and contract list display
  • Supports product pricing overrides as well as pricing overlays (i.e. bestseller, special offer, etc)
  • Manage customer authorisations based on price lists
  • Included options
  • Comgem Sell
  • Comgem Web
  • Comgem Cast
  • Comgem 360
  • Essentials
  • Number of admins 
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B2b ecommerce platforms offer a number of benefits for businesses in the UK. B2b platforms allow companies to streamline sales processes, reduce manual labour, and save time by automating ordering and invoicing. B2b ecommerce also provides additional marketing opportunities such as customer segmentation, digital marketing campaigns, and increased scalability. B2b ecommerce platforms also offer the ability to personalise product catalogues, create dynamic pricing structures, and ensure a secure online ordering system for customers.

B2b ecommerce platforms are ideal for any business that sells products or services to other businesses. B2b ecommerce platforms offer the scalability and customizability necessary to accomodate businesses of any size, from small startups to large enterprises. B2b ecommerce is particularly well suited for manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors that need powerful b2b tools to manage customer relationships and optimise ordering processes. B2b ecommerce also makes it easier for b2b companies to reach new customers through targeted digital marketing campaigns.

When selecting a b2b ecommerce platform, businesses should look for features such as b2b specific tools to manage customer relationships, scalability, customizability, and secure online ordering. B2b ecommerce platforms should also offer features like product personalisation and dynamic pricing strcutures.

The time it takes to move your business onto a b2b ecommerce platform will depend on the size and complexity of your business. Generally, b2b ecommerce platforms are designed to be easy to use and require minimal setup. B2b ecommerce platforms typically offer support resources and customer service teams to help businesses with setup and onboarding process.

If old customers are used to paying in a set way it can be a challenge to get them to move to another method. However, we find across clients that gathering payments for sales via your online ecommerce platform is a much smoother process for both the customer and business. So, ensure you communicate that b2b ecommerce is an easier, faster, and more secure way of dealing with orders. Additionally, b2b ecommerce allows customers to view their own ordering history, product information, and promotional discounts/offers. This makes it much easier for your customers to use your b2b ecommerce platform as they will be able to access their ordering history and information quickly. B2b ecommerce also allows b2b business to provide customers with additional marketing opportunities such as customer segmentation, targeted digital campaigns, and dynamic pricing structures. By providing these benefits to customers, b2b companies can encourage more customers to use their b2b ecommerce platform.

Yes, b2b ecommerce platforms are designed to be flexible when it comes to payment methods. B2b ecommerce platforms usually offer support for popular payment providers such as Stripe and PayPal, but you can also work with your b2b platform provider to add custom payment solutions that best fit your business needs.

If you are looking for a b2b ecommerce platform tailored towards UK businesses, Comgem will be the perfect solution for you. Feel free to book in a consultation where we can answer any questions you have.